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Low loader

Designed to haul your sports car, boat or an excavator. This flat bed transporter is 100% CNC machined, made for the toughest job. Now including lifting rear ramps with the push of a button.



 • 100% CNC machined aluminum

 • Works with Tamiya Tractor Semi Truck coupler

 • Powder coated in black

 • Tri-Axle with 12x 1.7inch rubber tires

 • 12x 1.7 billet aluminum wheels with removable center cap

 • Heavy duty steel leaf springs

 • Dual upright ramps lifted and lowered with servo

 • Designed to move hydraulic excavators or other 1/10-1/12 scale vehicles

 • Maximum payload capacity 200lbs/110kg (Yes a human can stand on it)

 • Includes wiring to hook up to your receiver to raise and lower the rear ramps

 • Length: 1120mm/44inch

 • Width: 210mm/8.26inch


Item may take time to reach you as we have to get the item from the supplier, we do not store this item.


Colours may vary.

Price:  £550

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